Output gain on USB interface is too high

  • When I use the Spark as an audio interface some "amps" overdrive the input.

    This typically happens when the "amp" "volume" is cranked up. While turning the "volume" down helps, it changes the desired tone.

    I've tried to adjust the input gain of the DAW but that doesn't help.

    For now I am going through another interface from the headphone jack and adjusting the gain there. This is not ideal.

    I am using GarageBand for MacOS at the moment and I don't intend on changing unless I go to Logic Pro.

  • @graycm81 Weird... I had exactly the opposite problem, also on GarageBand. Output on USB was way too low. :o
    And the weirdest thing is that the problem disappeared alone... I tried it again a couple days ago, and it worked just fine, maybe a bit too high but nothing that couldn't be solved lowering the recording level on the track. And I didn't change ANYTHING from the last problematis recording attempt.
    I'll follow the topic to see if I can understand what goes on here. :)