BIAS FX 2 - DEMO - 99% of the presets can't be tested

  • Am I missing something? I was expecting to demo the tones, but 99% of the presets are locked.

    Right now it seems I have 5 presets I can test.

    I'm assuming I am doing something wrong, please help.

    Just wondering how I can fully demo this product. I can't justify the purchase when I only have access to a few amps and pedals.

    I'd like to test the tones and compare them to the other "Full" demo programs I'm evaluating for 15 days, before making a purchasing decision.

  • My advice to you would be to hold off for a couple of days before committing.
    Amplitube 5 will be released on the 15/12/2020, only a couple of days to go, and from what I have seen and heard it's going to blow the wheels off BFX2.