Program change commands not working with Bias FX2 Elite VST3 - only work with VST2

  • Hi, the topic name says it all,

    Iam using cakewalk with Bias FX2 Elite.
    In Bias stand alone mode i could change presets well. Inside the DAW using VST3 it don´t work. I can only assign cc changes with midi learning but no program changes.
    That was clear when i decided to check with VST2 version of Bias FX2. It worked well!

    Has anyone had trouble with program change commands in a daw with VST3?

    Is it an identified problem to fix in future releases?
    (I even installed latest beta version but it doesn´t work)

  • @nuno-pimenta Yes, i can confirm that PC commands don't work with the VST3 version here. VST2 is fine.