Using BIAS FX 2 with external amp head + reactive load box

  • I'm super happy with all the virtual amp options inside Bias FX but i also want to try to do some recording using a couple of real valve amp heads i have. Both of them have 8 ohm output. Would it be ok to have the amp go into a reactive load box ( Suhr or Captor ) then into the sound card feeding the DAW into BIAS FX ? I would then only use the sw pedals and the cab emulators.
    Has anyone tried to use the BIAS FX IRs with an external amp and are they sounding good ?
    As the cab emulators are basically acting as IRs do i have to choose a reactive load box which doesn't have any Impulse Responses ? otherwise i would be layering two IRs and it's not ideal ? .. Let me know what you think !