The hum problems

  • Soo, checking the forum I realized a lot of people are complaining about hum issues with the amp, wich has to do with the power supplies. I ordered mine some days ago, I haven't received it yet but my question is... Does every unit come with that hum issue or just depends if you got unlucky and received one with that problem? (Or if it has already been fixed and any amp come with that issue now9

  • Receive amp today from PG/Amazon. The buzzing, humming noise on my amp makes it unusable.
    Waiting for reply from PG

  • I got mine last week, and have the humming issue as well. When you get the amp, click on contact support and let them know. They will send you a grounded power supply, hopefully that doesn't take too long to arrive. Its definitely a grounding issue, as soon as i touch anything metal on the guitar the hum disappears. Maybe soon they'll finally accept that they need to package new ones with a grounded power supply.

  • @alexcarvalhomyself When I got mine there was no hum at all, then suddenly it just started having a loud humming making it unusable. I contacted pg and already received the new grounded power cable. I still get the same loud humming, I sent a video, after that I was given a trouble ticket and was escalated to whatever department for troubleshooting. In my opinion my spark is probably needing a replacement.

  • Well, thanks for the reply guys. Im gonna contact PG and ask if they can check my Spark gets shipped with a power supply with any problem as they haven't ship the amp yet. Will update when they answer me

  • I received my spark last week but its a Christmas present so not technically getting it till then. I did decide to test it last night though. And it hums so bad. The reply I got from positive grid was poor. I was told that the correct power lead is sent with all orders even though I have the ungrounded one. Im waiting further response

  • Yes, as soon as you receive your Spark Amp, and you have a hum and your able to stop the noise by touching the strings or bridge on your guitar, it's the power supply.
    The power supplies in the US should have a grounded three prong plug. If your amp only came with a two prong plug, you need to use the Contact support form and someone from PG will reply back via email. ( I can't comment about other countries and their power supply plugs. ) In my case we went back and forth with a few emails to determine and confirm the issue and a new power supply was shipped out to me. The new three prong PS took a month to show up with no tracking or email, but it solved my issue. With the Holiday's a response and mailing will probably be longer and also depending on where you are located at. Like others have mentioned as a stop gap, you can hook up the USB cable to your Laptop that is plugged into an outlet, those PS's are grounded, until you receive your new PS. Good Luck!