Advice on iPad for Spark

  • I’ve read a lot of stuff here regarding iPads. Some say old ones are fine/don’t work, some say new ones don’t work/are fine, Minis are best/don’t work, Gen 4... Gen 5... Gen 6... Gen xyz w/beta backed purple covers are best/don’t work, anything with iOS 13+ works, iOS 13+ works maybe on iPad blah blah if you do a backwards circular Shaman Jig.

    Any semi-definitive answer? I plan on buying a new iPad, I just don’t know which of the 32 versions I need to buy. I, of course, prefer to buy the $300 version over the $1,600 version.

    If $300 version will work, is 32GB enough?

    Thanks for your help.

  • @mogumbo I just bought the $300.00 Ipad and it works great No problem

  • @tomrapanotti with each new release of iOS, Apple lists which older models it is not compatible with. If an iPad can run iOS 11 (or later - isn't that what the Spark web-page says?) then it will work with the Spark app, as well as the Spark app ever works. Which is great most of the time, but it will sometimes lose the bluetooth connection between amp and iPad and need to be re-paired. And each new verison of iOS that comes out will sometimes introduce glitches with some apps so the developers need to bring out new versions of the app. But no backwards circular Shaman Jig is necessary as long as the iPad you use runs at least the minimal iOS version listed on the Spark pages at the PG web-site.

  • Thank you for the responses. So, Is the basic 32GB version of the $300 iPad sufficient?

  • @mogumbo Yes, as long as it is current in its iOS version. The tones don't take a lot of storage space and if using it with the Spark app is your main purpose you will be all set.

  • @mogumbo Nothing really gets stored on the iPad as far as I have seen, except for if you record videos of your self so I don't think the size matters. I have used the app on my iPhone 7 Plus, iPad Air 2, and the new Air I just got.

  • Thank for the answers... appreciated!

  • @mogumbo what gets stored on the iPad are any tones that you download from the ToneCloud -- once downloaded to your iPad you can edit them to your desired sound and save them again (under the same name so you replace the original or under a different name so you keep the original and your edited version) to the iPad without having to post it to the ToneCloud unless you want to. But tones stored on the iPad don't take up very much storage space.