Delivery date issues

  • Hello all I ordered my spark on November 27 and was sent an email that it would be shipped by the December 4 but I have not received a shiping email or any notice that it has ship yet. I am looking forward to the amp very much. I have seen videos of people in Canada receiving their amps in less than a week. I live in New Jersey in America. I know I should be patient but it is hard to. So my question is are there others in America haveing shiping Issues as well and if so who should I contact to Resolve them.

  • @r-maurice43 I feel your pain, but for someone who ordered their amp in Nov 2019, it’s funny seeing someone asking about delivery 7 days after they ordered... it took mine 11 months to come.

    Same advice for you as for people who waited almost a year.... try to just forget about it and go on with your everyday routine... then one day it will suddenly appear on your doorstep.

    When it does appear, if it doesn’t have the three-prong power cable included, go ahead and email Positive Grid and tell them your amp is buzzing like crazy and your guitar shocks you when plugged into amp. That will expedite Positive Grid sending you a new three-prong power brick.

    And read your instructions regarding the two Bluetooth connections you need to make and what each of them does. People not understanding that one thing is the cause of probably 75% of claims that their amp and app don’t work.

  • Same here. Perhaps some can show patience and wait 11 months, PG must love those customers (though not enough to actually deliver what was paid for on time). I might understand better if PG were forthcoming up front and gave lead times on orders that had any basis in reality. I've written to customer support and of course got no response yet. If they tell me it will ship on or around a certain date, and I ordered in that expectation with the holidays coming, I expect that to happen, or at the very least, PG to update their estimate and explain the new timeline. The only thing I find funny, but not in a humorous way, is that people seem to accept the delays as just the cost of doing business with the company.

  • @hibernian PG customers have two choices: 1) don't do business with PG because they are not accurate in their time estimates, nor are they good at communicating with customers; or 2) do business with PG and accept their bullshit and wait for the product to arrive. What else can a person do? I chose to accept their b.s. and waited a long time and got my amp which I am very happy with, waited an even longer time and got the bag which I am very happy with.

  • @dhbailey Guess you make my point. You're happy enough to tolerate the BS. I would think if enough people complained to their credit card companies about non-delivery, or pushed on Amazon, who seem to have some leverage with PG in getting items delivered, the company might pull its fingers out of its own ass. They seem to have no problem supplying free samples to 'influencers' online but treat paying customers like knobs. I've seen the PR crap where they promise 'to do better'...a classic Facebook tactic, but the only thing that will make a difference is letting Visa, Mastercard and PayPal pull them into compliance with normal business standards. That, or going broke.

    I get that it might be a nice product, and I hope to confirm this for myself soon but I don't have the infinite patience some of you here seem to manifest. If they can't manufacture and deliver in a timely fashion, there is something wrong with them as a company that needs addressing. This is not boutique, limited edition stuff we're talking about.

  • Just give an update about the delivery of my amp. I spoke with a PG representative through a chat and got a fedex tracking number and I could see it should be delivered by this Friday. Yay. It would have been nice to get a update email but sometimes you have to be proactive and reach out to get the information you need.

  • @r-maurice43
    Congrats -- I also pushed customer support this weekend and they replied last night. They sent a tracking # which, if I log in to Fed Ex, shows that it was expected to ship five days ago but as yet have Fed Ex have not actually received a package. I am not sure if this is a Fed Ex or PG issue given the current situation -- hope yours all works out on time.

  • I am on the same schedule as you. Ordered the 27th, was supposed to ship on the 4th. Now it’s the 7th and order stays is the same. “Should ship about the 4th”.

    When I ordered I hoped they had gotten past the over promise/under deliver thing they have been doing for a year.

  • @r-maurice43
    Hello. I must have been really lucky. I ordered mine in mid November and it showed up on my doorstep 5 days later. I have to say this amp has been a great practice amp. I play mostly along with backing tracks from YouTube or spotify
    Getting ready to try recording feature with studio one prime. Wish me luck


  • Oh well, in the interests of updating folks. I asked again what was happening to my order that should have shipped on Dec 2nd. Same agent as before (Bunny) told me that 'the logistics department' has informed them that there were unforeseen delays etc..and now shipping of items should process on Dec in case you are also experiencing delays, this might apply to you too. Given the accuracy of their estimates to date, I won't hold my breath on this one.