MP3's from your phone or iPad?

  • I know how to get YouTube tunes on my Spark, but how do I get songs (mp3) from my iPad or my Android phone to Spark?

  • I just use itunes or music player on android and stream local or onedrive stored to sparky to jam with. Wont function for the chord recognition and other stuff tho.

  • At the low end of the spark app screen you have 4 possibilities to dial. The amp, the notes, the camera and the person.
    Only in the camera funktion you are able to use your own files. So you have to take your backing tracks or whatever you want into your private files on the IPad or IPhone.

    If you only want to play with your Backing tracks the anytune app is the best solution. There you can change pitch and volume of the BT.

  • @de_cunny I heartily second the recommendation to use AnyTune+ so that you can play along with any backing track very easily. And with the iPad's ability to have two apps working at the same time each showing on half the screen it's easy to use Anytune+ along with the Spark app and have the best of both worlds.