Bias Amp 2 Standalone doesn't save sound settings

  • Hi,
    I find that the audio settings in Bias Amp 2 standalone don't get saved.
    I start it up, set my audio settings to my soundcard and it works fine. Next time I start the software, I have to set them again.

    Is it possible this might be because I'm running as a user without administrator privileges and it's trying to save the settings and fails because it would need these privileges?

    I'm on the latest Win10 x64


  • It should pick whatever is active in the System. If you're starting it before turning on your interface, it's likely going to need prompting. My DAW does.

  • Good point, but that's not it. Soundcard is already on.
    I can start Bias Amp, set the soundcard, close it and open it again and I have to set it again. :(

    I tried running it with Admin privileges but the same thing happens. I would guess it's a bug...

  • @cz Have you opened a support ticket yet?

  • Haven't yet. Just wanted to check first whether I was the only one. I also think it only appeared in the last version, so I guess I was holding out whether the next one might fix it :)

    (Off to the Ticket office)

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