Need new pedals.

  • Love, love Bias FX. I have purchased every expansion pack. Waiting for an autowah.

  • Would love Auto-Wah as well. Also Voice Box, Harmonizer and ADT type pedal. Do we think PG are listening or not.

  • Here's a kind of cool thought... How about an LFO (low frequency oscillator) controller you could assign to other parameters anywhere in the program? Then you could create an autowah by assigning the LFO to the pedal position of the wah. You could create a panner with it, etc. Controllers are pretty cool.

  • @elric Love this idea, exactly how synth addict would do to the synth

  • A2

    Harmonizer, general pitch shifting, envelope filter controlled wah, and most importantly, the way you can turn the wah on by just moving the pedal forward, keep me going back to Tonestack, even though I much much much much much perfer the sound of the amps and most FX in Bias