How to share preset library between devices?

  • I have been using the mobile version of BIAS FX 2 Elite on my iPad for several years. I just added BIAS FX 2 Elite to my Windows 10 PC. Is there a way to sync my mobile library with my desktop without having to upload each preset individually to the ToneCloud?

    BIAS FX 2 Elite mobile allows me to save the presets to DropBox to a file named, but BIAS FX 2 Elite desktop has no option for connecting to DropBox or loading those presets.

    Many of my favorite presets are by other artists downloaded from the ToneCloud, so I don't necessarily want to upload them to the public ToneCloud as though they were my own, but I don't see any alternative.

    I'm looking for a way to quickly sync my entire mobile preset library with my desktop. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  • I heard from Positive Grid support today and apparently the answer is: "Presets can only be shared across devices via your ToneCloud account." They sent me a link to this FAQ

    In the course of my research I did learn that BIAS FX 2 for PC stores settings here:

    C:\Users\ ~username~ \Documents\PositiveGrid

    Fantastic products! Just wish they sync'd between devices more easily.