Problems with cloud based presets

  • The amps uploaded from the tone cloud often cut out. I can't eve really use the downloaded amps. Also, I can't find anything in support about this issue. Anyone have any ideas, or a link to troubleshooting this issue? Thanks!

  • @bruce-3 I’m finding the same issue. The amps are breaking up. They’re not a game changer for me, but a nuisance nonetheless after other users have gone to all the trouble of experimenting and uploading their ideas.

  • as I said in this post (
    if it happens even after downloaded locally then try to lower the level of the noisegate

  • @samueleonline TY, but apparently we don’t have access to the page you’re linking to.

  • @karic76 said in Problems with cloud based presets:

    @samueleonline TY, but apparently we don’t have access to the page you’re linking to.

    because the post was deleted
    there I said that the tones in the cloud were not all created by Spark or, in any case, with different settings, therefore to use them you must necessarily download them locally and fix them, otherwise the online test will only give you unlistenable sounds

  • Maybe I can help. I wrote something similar here 4 months ago.
    Almost all original PG presets included in the Spark app are really good.
    In the cloud, this is not the case for many, and it does not necessarily have to do with my own taste. There is actually a certain tolerance range that is individual. The sound can also vary depending on which guitar, with which pickups, in which position, with which volume and tone is played.
    But there are many, many presets that are so quiet that you can hardly hear them or the tone dies directly because the noise gate is too wide open or they are so overloaded with effects that it just sounds terrible.
    And I repeat myself at this point. Not every of the most popular presets from the cloud comes from the Spark app. I got my Spark amp very early and even when there weren't many, the cloud already consisted of more than 10,000 presets, and to my surprise I found a sound that I uploaded with Jamup 4 years ago. But a preset from Jamup doesn't necessarily sound good on the Spark.
    The favorite presets in the cloud with thousands of downloads are often not created with the Spark app. That is the reason, that some off the top favorites are not good.

  • Thanks so much. Sorry, I deleted the first post after @samueleonline responded to both (thanks!). After I wrote the first post I couldn't see it in the forum, so I figured it hadn't actually posted.

    How do you know if a tone was created in Spark or not?

    FYI, this is also happening with some of the proprietary amps w/ heavy effects, eg metal and alternative. Turning down the gate has varying efficacy.

  • Enter the sound you are looking for (name of the song, guitar player or band) in the search field. Sort the results by popularity and start with the most popular. If that sounds really bad (too loud, too quiet, far too many effects, sound dies after a short time, sounds totally wrong) they were probably there before the first Spark was delivered and had hundreds of likes and thousends of downloads by then. In my experience, the presets are the better after the first.