Ability to delete Tone Cloud amps uploaded by users

  • *Hey, guys.....a suggestion......maybe a software addition/upgrade that would allow users to delete Tone Cloud amps that have been saved to their own cloud “favourites”?

    I’m not referring to amps saved to one of the four presets on the Spark itself, but rather those user uploaded amps that we save in our own “Cloud”.

    Case in point, I’ve downloaded a few amps that I like, and use, but was expounding on the Spark’s capabilities and features to a friend and downloaded an amp I will never use.....right now, I can’t get rid of it......maybe add a burger menu or the same three dot options Spark uses to alter the amplifiers presets??

    By the way, great amp...exactly what I was looking for....no bugs, no hum, no issues...well done!

    Thanks for considering.