FL Studio and Bias FX 2 VST3 (

  • Hi,

    Here is my configuration :

    • Windows 10
    • FL Studio 20.7.3 [built 1987] 64 bits
    • Bias FX 2 - VST v2.4 (64 bits) -> VST2
    • Bias FX 2 - VST v3.6.5 (64 bits) -> VST3
    • Bias FX 2 is the last version : updated to, DSP Engine 2277, 64bits, Licence Elite

    When I have the VST3 in the Mixer and I try to load the project, I have this error :

    There was an error setting the state of the VST3 plugin "BIAS FX 2".
    The component state wasn't restored.

    The same thing happens when I just use the "Save preset as..." function to copy the plugin in another insert of the mixer.

    I have no problem with the VST2 version of the plugin.

    Any idea?

    Thank you! Have a nice day.

  • I'm having the same issue, did you manage to find a solution?

  • Sorry, I didn't see your message!
    No, I don't have any solution for now, I just use the VST2 instead...
    I updated to version, and the problem is still there.

  • I just purchased this last night and I'm running into the exact same issue. I have the same setup that you mentioned above. It's pretty annoying.

  • how did you install just the vst2 version?? I can only install the vst3 and have the same issue

  • I have the same issue