HELP!! panel stuck to choose knobs, grill cloth etc

  • Hi, So I'm a noob to this Bias Amp 2 and I am stuck in a panel where you select Tolex/Grill Cloth/Knob/Panel. (I pasted a screen shot) I accidentally brought it up by hitting a combo of Tab and enter and now I can't get it to close. I can't scroll left or right to see the preamp etc to the left either. Why is there no close X or button in this panel? I was in the middle of programming an amp and can't get to anything to the left of the Tone Stack area. Is there a short cut key combo I can reset the view?


  • @tommartini604 The big DISCARD button....

  • @myxolydian clicking either of those buttons did nothing when this happened. Whatever I did locked up the functions. I ended up scraping the tones I was working on and restarting it and its all back to normal now.

    Here is what is interesting though. If I bring up that menu any other way, say like selecting the color wheel, it all works fine. I think I may have uncovered a big.

  • @tommartini604 Oh yeah, I see now.
    Looks like a developer shortcut that got exposed to the release code accidentally.
    Like you said, closing out and restarting appears to be the way out, sadly.
    I'd send a private message to the devs, you might have more luck that way.