bad power supply

  • Re: Excessive hum
    Got my Spark a few days ago. Hum & buzz was just ridiculous & made the amp unuseable. Tried everything even hum on lowest gain clean sounds. awful. A 2 pin plug is not acceptable particularly on a cheap power supply. Tried using the sound gate. Horrible, latency is really bad. I ended up going to an electronics store and purchased a grounded 3 pin power adapter. Not a lot of options for 19v. Silence. Even on the highest gain & volume. Cost me $55. My question is why after months of this feedback is PG still shipping units with such awful power supplies when they know its a problem? I shouldn't have to spend $55 just to make a product useable. In Australia grounding/interference is not usually an issue so it shows just how bad the power supply it ships with is.