Hissing noise when strings not muted

  • I’m getting really bad hissing when the strings are not muted and when a chord is being sustained. It was worse when I had output monitoring on...to the point where the app is unusable. It’s still very noisy. I’m using the low gain amps and I’m not using any boost, overdrive, or distortion pedals. I use a noise gate on all of my patches.

    I have this issue with presets and user patches. I don’t have this issue with either Tonebridge or Garage Band. My input device is an Xsonic Xtone. My guitar is a G&L Tribute ASAT Special.

    I’ve spent $70 on the elite in-app upgrade that is essentially useless, since the app is too noisy for recording or live use.

    I’ve tried increasing and decreasing the sample rate. I’ve tried increasing and decreasing the buffer size. Nothing fixes it.

    Any advice would be appreciated.