Very disappointed with Spark

  • I got a Spark, really looked forward to it arriving. I had seen all the videos etc. This was ideal for me around the house. It arrived very quickly here in the UK. All was great until I switched it on. The amp is crazy noisy. really bad earth hum. I contacted customer service, who said they understood and would send a new power supply to me, a three contact grounded supply. I was promised a grounded supply on the 10th November it is now the 25th and no supply. This is not good enough. It's virtually useless without the proper power supply - Hum City. Very disappointing.

  • Welcome to the Humming Club...

    I'm waiting for my grounded PSU since 4th October ...

    First, they told me I would have it 'at end of October' ... (guess what.... 🙄)

    Then, last week I re-contacted the support asking for more info , they said 'the PSU were blocked at US Customs, your PSU should arrive within 5-10 days' ...

    Since I live in France 😶 , I replied that I found really strange that my PSU is 'delayed' because of US Customs 'block' , since it should be shipped directly from Asia ... 🤔

    They replied : "same delay as U.S." (Read: "same bullsh*t" )*

    Honestly , I'm really disappointed by their customer service ... and don't understand why they continue to ship ungrounded PSU knowing that so many people complain about it ...


  • @benoit_mich

    hi They sent me a mail saying that most people don't have the hum issue. Seems that is not true! They gave me the same pathetic customs excuse too. I have asked for the spec of the PSU . I will find one on Amazon and get it next day. PG Cs is very poor

  • @dwhfish The specs are 19V, 2.4amps (or higher -- just don't get a power supply that outputs a lower amperage), connector is 5.5mmx2.1mm (although 5.5mmx2.5 works well also), tip positive. They can be purchased in the U.S. for around $20-$30. I have no idea if that price translates to other countries.

  • Yea same here .really bad hum noise. Hope it sorts it when it finally gets here been over 2 month now

  • Same issue here - have reached out to support asking for new PSU and so far no response.

  • Follow up to my previous post:

    I finally got my replacement PSU , nearly 2 months after having sent PG support a video of the humming issue... 🙄

    It solved the Humming once for all , so I can say that 'finally it works as intended' 😎

    Meanwhile, I did go Wireless between my guitar and the Spark, which eliminate the hum as well !

  • While you're waiting on the new supply just ground your amp. That will solve the problem.

    Either use a USB cable to hook it up to a laptop or desktop that's plugged in or hook a wire up to a screw on the Spark's case and connect that to something grounded. A water pipe, any metal going deep into the ground or even the center screw on your wall plate.

  • I took delivery of my Amp yesterday, but didn't have much time to do much with it. However, I soon realised that I was another victim of the "Hum". This evening when I got home from work, I decided to try the USB lead idea mentioned, only to find that the hum had gone - Not entirely sure why - but all that was different was the multi-gang socket it was plugged into...either the extension lead or the socket, Bottom line, sometimes it's not the amp,