BIAS FX 2 All access bundle ?

  • What exactly is All Access Bundle ? I just recently purchased Bias FX Elite. Does Elite come with Mobile/iOS Bias FX or is this something you have to purchase seperately ?

  • @musical-alchemy
    Not 100% sure what you're asking but I will tell you my experience.

    I owned Bias FX2 Elite on desktop (windows) I brought the all access bundle because I wanted to have Bias FX 2 on my ipad as well as my PC.

    When logged in to the site the pricing structure knew I had the PC elite version and as such charged me about 50 dollars (recent deals) for the Elite license on ipad (ios).
    There are options to buy standard / pro or elite license.

    So no, the Elite license for windows does not include ios mobile.

  • Thanks Voodoo, yea I wasn't sure if Elite included the iOS along with the desktop version. But I see now it doesn't. You have to buy a seperate bundle to have both. If you have the Celestion Packs on desktop, do they work on iOS once you buy the iOS bundle ?

  • @musical-alchemy That I really don't know, sorry
    If i had to guess though I would say it's a separate license like everything else.