Bias FX2 Looper and Midi Controller

  • I'm new to all this, so maybe I'm just missing something, but how do I assign a button on my midi controller (Meloaudio midi commander) for the looper? It seems like you can assign the pedals easily enough, but I can't figure out the looper controls?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Unfortunately, this isn’t an option. I just recently reached out to Positive Grid support about this & this was their response:
    “Thank you for reaching out to Positive Grid.
    We only have this function on BIAS FX 2 Desktop.
    BIAS FX 2 Mobile does not support the midi assignment for triggering the looper.
    I'll forward this idea to our R&D team, hoping they will add this function to the future upgrade.”

    I’m working on a solution to this using Loopy HD and AudioShare. It will be a much more versatile looping set up than the built in looper. Here’s a short video I found for inspiration, just substitute the buttons on your MIDI Commander for the pads on this guys midi keyboard.

  • @josh-spainhoward [0_1607162833329_Rod-presets.rar](Uploading 100%)