Feature request: Custom knob preset dependant

  • I don't know how Bias Amp 2 firmware will handle this but I think it would be great if the custom knob on the amp could be dependant on the preset you're using.
    I use lots of clean amps with reverb and some high gain with gate. Example: I'd love to have the custom knob control the reverb level on the clean presets but control the gate on the high gain stuff.

  • Also posting to request this feature. I'd think it wouldn't be too hard to implement, surely? As above, I'd like reverb on clean presets and something more variable for distortion. I've recently setup a nice mid cut similar to the graphic EQ on a Mesa. I use the custom knob to dial in the mix level of the EQ. I'd love to have this across a few amps rather than one or the other

  • Yeah there's lots of opportunities here if this were to be implemented!