Using spark amp as interface but biasfx 2 and amp software

  • Hey everyone!
    Okay so, I'm wondering if there's a way for me to use the amp as just something to plug my guitar into and use bias fx 2 on my computer for the tone. It seems that the amp won't let me just use it as an interface and use the bias fx 2 to generate my tones. It wants to use its own software and I end up getting a huge mess of sound with both the tone from bias fx and from the spark amp? The bias fx has the tone I need and the spark doesn't is there a way I can bypass this and just use the spark as an AI?

  • I didn't personally try this, since I'm still waiting for my Spark to arrive, but here's a post from reddit:

    "How to easily use Spark 40 as an interface with Bias Fx 2
    I was just messing around and accidentally figured this out. Couldn't find a tutorial on here so here's the steps I used.

    Create preset and turn off everything, including the selected amp. This will give you a dry signal. After making sure you get the dry signal, turn the output volume down all the way as well.

    Connect to computer via USB

    Open Bias Fx 2, click the settings option in the top right, then select "audio settings"

    Choose "Positive Grid USB Audio" as the output device. You may have to select it as the input device as well, however mine just automatically did it. From here you will get no sound out of the amp, however you should see the input and output volumes within Bias start to respond to your guitar.

    Finally, all you have to do is turn up the tiny "Music Volume" knob and you should get the processed sound from bias fx 2 coming straight through your Spark 40's speakers. Be careful when selecting different tones because some of them are way louder than others. I recommend starting with your Music Volume Knob turned down when selecting new presets"

  • This seems a rather expensive way to do this since USB interfaces can be had for much cheaper than a Spark Amp.

  • @valascia Agreed -- and with an audio interface there is much more versatility in selection of sample rate and bit depth making it better for a wider selection of projects and software. The USB interface aspect of the Spark amp only works at 48K sample rate so everything else has to be adjusted to that. Combine that with the many complaints about the volume over the Spark when used as an audio interface makes it actually a bad idea that will be frustrating at times.