BIAS FX 2 and switching presets

  • Hello, I have this issue while using BIAS FX 2 and a MIDI footswitch, to switch presets and to turn on and off stompboxes; I found the option in the menu to prevent the "modifications will be lost without saving" alert to pop-up, but if I switch from a preset to another, I lose the changes I did.

    For example, I have this preset with a Dumble 50, with a Drive and a Delay that are Off by default, and I turn them On when needed (with my MIDI footswitch); now, let's suppose that I turn them both On, and then I switch to a different preset, and after a while I go back to this Dumble preset, those two pedals that I left On, went back to their original setting, so they're Off.

    My question is, is it possible to simply let them be in the state we leave them, On or Off, even if the preset originally would be different?

    Maybe it's just a silly request, but it would be helpful for me.

    Thank you, kind regards

  • @chrome0some You should set up scenes for the presets, that way you can have the pedals of those presets in various different states of on/off, which you can recall later. Rather than turning them on/off manually, you'd switch to the scene that had the configuration you wanted.

  • Oh, this is interesting, and a feature that I might have missed, I'll have to look into it to find out how to do this.

    Thank you for your hint, much appreciated.

  • I am really missing something, it's probably simple to set up but I really can't get it: if I have this preset with:

    • Amp
    • Cabinet
    • Reverb
    • Drive
    • Delay

    I tried setting Scene 1 with the following turned On:

    • Amp
    • Cabinet
    • Reverb

    In Scene 2 I want everything that's in Scene 1, plus the Delay to be On.
    In Scene 3 I want everything that's in Scene 1, plus the Drive and the Delay to be On.

    It seems very simple, but it's weird, when I click on the different Scene numbers, the Delay or the Drive are greyed out and I cannot turn them on.

    I am clearly doing something wrong, but I don't know what it is.

  • @Myxolydian : hello again, you have been helpful, so I thought I'd ask for your help one more time; I tried pretty much everything I could think of to solve this issue.

    I uninstalled Bias FX 2, redownloaded and installed it again.
    I deleted my preset and created it again from scratch.
    Nothing seems to work, when I try to set the Scenes, pedals are not working, despite me wanting just a simple setup as explained below.

    My preset is composed of these items:

    • Drive
    • Amp
    • Cabinet
    • Delay
    • Reverb

    I tried setting Scene 1 with ONLY the following items turned On:

    • Amp
    • Cabinet
    • Reverb

    In Scene 2 I want everything that's in Scene 1, plus the Delay to be On.
    In Scene 3 I want everything that's in Scene 1, plus the Drive and the Delay to be On.

    But it doesn't work, the Drive or the Delay are either greyed out and impossible to turn on, or the Scene simply doesn't save the configuration and the pedals stay off.

    Do you (or anybody) have any idea how to solve this?

    I checked YouTube and from the videos I've watched it simply quite simple and straight forward, it should work, but it doesn't.

    Thanks again

  • @chrome0some Yeah, the scenes can be a little finicky and tricky to figure out.
    It's best to keep scene 1 the same as the main preset you are using.

    So, give that a try, and make Scene 1 the same as the preset.

    Scene 2 would then have only Amp on, Cab on and reverb on.

    Scene 3 would have Amp on, Cab on, Reverb on, Delay on

    Scene 4 would have Amp on, Cab on, Reverb on, Delay on, Drive On.

  • @Myxolydian : you have been very kind and helpful, but I am still getting issues.

    For example, this is my Scene 1, with everything turned On:

    This is my Scene 2, with only Amp, Cabinet and Reverb On:

    And this is Scene 3, where I desperately tried to turn Off the Drive, but I couldn't, the "toggle sign" disappeared, and the pedal was impossible to turn Off:

    So, now I really don't know what to do anymore

  • @chrome0some Ok, try this:
    Clear all the scenes from that preset
    Turn scenes off
    Turn off the drive, delay, and reverb in the preset.(The only things that should be on are the amp and cab now)
    Now turn scenes back on.
    Click Scene 2, and turn on the reverb
    Click Scene 3 and turn on the reverb and delay
    Click Scene 4 and turn on the reverb, delay and drive.

    Does that work now? If so, save the preset.

  • @Myxolydian : thank you very much, I am at work now, I will give it a try when I will be back home this evening.

    Again thank you for all your efforts.

    I will keep you posted, have a nice day.

  • Hello @Myxolydian , I'm sorry for not replying but I came back home very late yesterday evening.

    I gave it a try, but this is what I got, it still didn't work, or I completely misunderstood how Scenes work; I recorded a video of it so that it's more self-explanatory:

    Thank you

  • @chrome0some Here is my video, same amp, same pedals.
    Perhaps you have an older version, or your installation is corrupt.
    Either way, I'd suggest downloading the newest version and re-installing.

  • @Myxolydian : hello again, I tried uninstalling it, deleting all related registry entries, downloading again the latest version, rebooting, installing and rebooting again, to have the cleanest installation possible; and I followed your suggestions, but it still didn't work.

    Then I noticed something in your video, you are activating and deactivating pedals by clicking on the "Power" symbol, while I was using the drag & drop method; these two methods should be exactly the same, just 2 different ways of doing the same thing, but they probably are different in how they are coded into the plugin.

    I did everything from scratch again, but this time I used your method (the "Power" symbol) and now, finally, Scenes are working for me as well.

    So, thank you for your efforts and help, you helped me a lot, and I really appreciate it.

    Have a great day, goodbye