USB Audio Interface Pitch Variation Issue

  • Couple of posts about this, users experiencing strange pitch wobble when using Spark as audio interface. Mostly attributed to internal clock sync issue. Some talk of a fix in next Firmware Update. I opened a ticket and received the following info. Not very clear what the tech is trying to say. But what I did take from it was that there's no plans for a Firmware Update any time soon 🙁

  • By 'recently' they actually mean 5 months ago.

    Wouldn't hold your breath for fixes to anything on spark.

    Whilst it would be nice if spark actually did what it's meant to, best solution in most cases is to purchase a low cost dedicated interface.

    Sounds out of the spark are great for practice but hooked up to a laptop there are way better options with plugins. Plenty of free amps, pedals and cabs that destroy those offered by the spark.