UK Power Supply Shipped With Spark?

  • I'm looking into buying a new Spark direct from Positive Grid but am assuming, from reading the website, it ships from the US. Does anyone who has bought from and shipped to the UK know if the Spark comes with a UK 3 pin power supply or whether some kind of step-down converter is needed? I've read issues about power supplies in general but now what power supply is shipped to the UK. Thanks in advance!

  • You get a uk plug .but unless it's a modded one with earthed it will have the hum buzz will probably come from Germany mine did .I'm still waiting for my lead

  • It ships from china. There will be a pallet drop to some european distribution point and then on to you.
    Yes its a uk plug.
    You may get the hum issue. Its a lottery based on how the spark gets on with your locations power supply.

  • Got mine 16/11/20, 3 pin plug included. no hum problems at all.

  • Unfortunately my new Spark buzzes like crazy, I was sent the standard 3 pin plug go the UK but it is not a grounded (earthed) version.

  • Mine came very recently. It has a UK standard plug. However the Earth is not connected so in effect the power supply is not grounded. You will then have a very nasty Hum/Buzz , especially if you want to use any other setting on the amp apart from clean with the gain set really low. as soon as you increase the gain or use any of the higher gain settings it will be unusable. You can then contact customer service( Who fully understand the issue) go through a script and come up with excuses as to why there is an earth problem before finally admitting you need a grounded power supply and tell you , you will be sent one. You will then just have to wait. They would not be allowed to get away with this in the UK. The unit is potentially great , but is let down by a poor power supply

  • Sorry about your PS issues. I'm in the US and haven't had that problem. I'm just now starting to explore the Spark and I'm enjoying it.

    Hopefully you'll get the new PS soon and it'll resolve your issues. Unfortunately, with all of this Covid garbage going on, getting things in a timely manner seems to have gone the way of the dodo.