Video recording from Spark amp

  • When using the video recording feature, then saving the video, it says it's storing that with my photos, but I'm not seeing them when I look through my photos and videos. Just trying to record myself so I can watch it back and see how much I'm off. I'm not sure what the benefit of recording inside the Spark app is as I'm just starting to mess with that. Seems like you could just open up the normal camera app and do the same thing. And probably not have difficulty finding the recording. Is there something I'm overlooking maybe?

  • If you record with the apple cam you can use the original Spark sound without loss by connecting it via USB with your IPad.
    If using the Spark cam funktion you can only record the sound out of the speakers into the small Apple micro.
    The first option is the better one.

  • I'm on Android so I'm guessing it's not as polished and/or feature rich. Oh well, I can just record with my regular phone app for what I need for now.