Would like to know how to get the Spark amp to access my local videos and music

  • I finally figured out how to transfer the videos and music I have been saving on my laptop for over twenty year, now how do I get the spark amp to access this so when I'm not attached to the internet I can access to play along with? Received the amp about three weeks ago, love the play along feature, but when I travel in our RV and don't have internet access I would like to be able to use music I put on the micro SD card in the tablet I am using to control the Spark.

  • If you only want to play along and not use other features, set the tone you want with the app, then start the play along with your fav music app on the tablet. Cant do local from within the app.

  • @nwfungi I don't know about the videos, but there are several ways you can access the mp3 files you have on your device.

    One way, especially if you're using an iPad or iPhone is to multi-task the Spark app with an mp3 player such as Anytune+ which allows you to vary the tempo or pitch as you wish to make it easier for you to play in tune and at a comfortable tempo.

    The other way involves the video-recording feature, tapping on the camera icon at the bottom of the Spark app. In the dialog you can select whatever mp3 file that's on your device that you want and play along with it even without actually recording the video. For that, I simply change the camera to the back-facing camera and lay the device on the music stand so I don't have to watch myself play.

    Of those two ways I prefer the multi-tasking -- with that you could also play along with any videos, using a video app that will play your files.

  • @dhbailey On the Ipad I use split screen with sparky on left and stream my vids or mp3s from my one drive acount with the one drive app on the right

  • @nwfungi Thank you, but all so complicated when I think you should be able to access your local files and use them in the play along with the ability to slow them down, and not have to be connected to the internet. When you travel in an RV and don't have your home internet capabilities, data is very important even with unlimited plans.

  • @chilly Be sure to send it as a feature request to PG using the "contact support" link at the top of this page. In the meantime if you download the videos and mp3 files to your device, you can use the split-screen mode of iOS or iPadOS devices to do exactly what you want. Yes, it may be a bit more complicated than what you would like but until PG sees fit to build that capability into the Spark app it's the only way to do what you want. But it is possible to do what you want without needing to be attached to the internet.