Acoustic Presets too quiet

  • All of the acoustic tones I can create, are all too quiet. Equalizing them with hi-gain tones seems nearly impossible while keeping a good tone.

    Other than adjusting a volume knob manually while playing, is their some way to boost a presets volume? Turning volume up on the amp won’t work... it’s already maxed...

    Really enjoying the software so far, but need to figure this out. I play a lot of songs with both acoustic + distorted guitar. I use a midi controller to switch presets while playing. The problem is I can barely hear acoustic presets when I do this, and if I turn the volume up— the distorted presets blow up my ears.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

  • You are absolutly right. Also the clean electric guitar amp, especially the back face duo (Twin Reverb) are extremly quiet. The black duo sounds beautiful but is for me nearly unuseable because of this. A little tuning is able but changes the tone a bit but not to much. Use the red compressor and turn the knobs in direction 3 o' clock. This makes the quiet amps louder without distorsion.

  • Thanks!

    One thing I may do, is just switch to have a lot more gain for acoustic. If I'm recording, I can modify the volume in production. It's just I'd like to get a tone dialed in for acoustic, and that can't really be done in the current system.

    Really seems like Positive Grid should add a volume option PER preset. That would pretty much fix the issue, I'd just turn the volume down for my hi-gain settings, and volume up for acoustic settings.