Website spec price lower than in app price

  • Price listed on the website for mobile for Bias fx 2 mobile (professional) is £23 but when attempting to upgrade from the app it requests a price of £28. I’ve raised a ticket with support but no response?

  • Also I see that from the site for the "elite" version they put a lower price than what they put me upgrading from my "standard" to "elite" version. I don't understand what company policy this is .... at this point it's better to take everything back with a new account!
    I am very disappointed with Positive Grid, and I see that they continue to do what they want and don't care about old customers, I am the owner of Bias FX2 Elite for desktop, before I used Bias FX, in the mobile version I have complete Bias FX plus the various Bias Pedals, del Bias FX 2 mobile I have the "standard" version and I would be grateful to upgrade to the "elite" version if they get a fair price .... given the trust I have given them so far!
    But unfortunately I see that despite writing it here at Positive he doesn't care that much.

  • i noticed it aswell last week. it was showing as £9 for the standard license on the website but in the app it was $11.99.. when i clicked Buy Now, it then came up as £11.99. i sent them a message via facebook chat asking how to get it for £9 and they wanted screenshots of everything. eventually they said it was a problem on Apple's end of things and basically nothing they can do. after the "sale" ended it then all dropped again in price! but its still wrong on the website and trying to charge in dollars via the app. quite misleading really. if they cant correct the price in the app then they should change it on the website.