Are the controls on the Bias Mini Guitar just for show?

  • I've had my mini guitar head for about a week now and I gotta say, I'm not too happy with it. Not only will the guitar tones change out of nowhere while I'm playing but any adjustments I make using the bass, mid, treble, master on the front of the head do almost nothing. you'll hear a slight change from 1-2, then no change at all except for a very slight change when you get all the way to 11.

    Used it live at rehearsal Saturday and my tone would suddenly change for no reason...the gain would drop, the treble would disappear, the volume would go up and down....Do I have a bad unit or is this normal?

  • It seems you have a bad unit. And man I can’t believe this was posted 20 days ago and not a single reply from PG. Wow.