So... what sound is this?

  • Hello fellow guitarist,
    YouTube recommendations are a wonderful feature and I fell upon this amazing Gnarls Barkley, Crazy cover by Chase Eagleson
    Now I am trying to setup a similar sound and I get stuck, could any Guru out there might give it a shot and figure out this amazing sound he came up with, it´s defiantly some reverb and delay action included. Currently my Bias package is the Pro Edition, any help is appreciated.
    /Henrik from Denmark

  • Hello,

    first, very good song and interpretation, wow.

    I would try following effects as base: phaser, reverb, acoustic emulation (maybe? these pristine highs sound to me as acoustic em) and perhaps some amount of flanger. Not sure about the last. After that maybe it is necessary some eq to tweak the sound and compression if needed.

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    Thank you for the advise, I will try and fumble with it :)

    Have a great day.