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  • Forgive me i am very new to BIAS fx and amp modeling. I tried search the forum but couldnt exactly find the information I was looking for.

    I currently use BIAS FX through protools or standalone for most of my home playing and recording. After tinkering I have been very impressed with the quality of sound Im getting. So as I understand it, if I want to go live with BIAS I would need to run it through an ipad with a doc/interface, from there I can use a bluetooth pdeal board to switch between presets. And this can all run straight to the house PA, which I hear alot of guys say they prefer. I want actually use the amp modelling, so I want to run it to a flat clean speaker/amp, which running straight to a house PA acconplishes.

    Next question, lets say I want to play live somewhere without a PA system, could I then just get my own powered PA to run to for sound? If thats the case, what kind? Any reccomendations? What wattage?

    Also, let me know if I'm completely under the wrong impression. Also are there limitations from the desktop bias and the modile version. Can I route a preset I find/create in the desktop version directly to the ipad so that I have it mobile?

  • Well... I've been using BIAX FX to play live with an iPad, an Apogee Jam96 and BT4 since BT4 has released.
    I can tell you that it works very well to me. When I play live, I don't use the cab simulation, and I use a stereo cable (1xP2 stereo with 2xP10 mono). One P10 I connect to the amp that is on the stage, and the other P10 I connect to an IR loader (in my case, I use a Torpedo CAB), to send the signal to FOH through a XLR conection. The sound on FOH is perfect.
    If you intent to get your own powered PA system, I suggest you a powered FRFR. Yamaha DXR10 is a great deal and I recommend you. In this case, you don't need to disable cab simulation, instead, you can use your own IR to create an AMP (BIAS AMP 2), if you prefer, or use the cabs included on app, and load it on BIAS FX. It will work perfectly!

    BTW, I'm from Brazil, so, sorry for any writing mistakes!

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    Here's my BiasFX rig for live.

    You can put your desktop presets in the cloud and load them up on the iPad version.

    Like rascarvallho said, an FRFR is a good choice, and his reccomendation for the Yamaha DXR10 is excellent. For the article I wanted to keep everything to a budget build and used the Alto TS210 as the FRFR, but there are some things about the Yamaha you may find more convenient

  • Thanks guys. Very helpful and solidified my thinking.

  • One more thing. How would you set up for running to FOH like you said but giving yourself a monitor on stage? Basically just not bypass the amp sim and run the second to my personal monitor?

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    I made a big deal about that here. It’s a serious pita to set these up where you have one line going to the pa with the cabinet simulation on and one going to an amp without. You can force it by running a dual path in biasfx or Tonestack, but you lose a lot of versatility, and need to double your cpu use for any fx after the amp element.

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    you may want to have a look at this thread as well:

  • You could get the head or mini. Just saw in the PG NAMM highlight vid that at least the mini can pass impulse response through line out, while sending amp tone through speaker out.

  • @tannhauser Nice feature. Wonder what the ETA is on that mini.

  • @elric : it's out, beau. Was in the PG NAMM vid, and the store has a 'find dealer' button. Whether anyone has it in stock is something else, but I'd expect it soon if not already, probably more likely in the UK.