IOS app can't find songs on Spotify

  • Is anyone else having this issue or know how to fix it? I connect the app to Spotify, I download a special playlist I created called "Spark" for songs I want to play along with.

    The songs appear in the app, along with the opening shot of a video on Youtube. when I click on the song it says "Video not available".

    So are songs only playable if they're on Youtube? And the videos I'm trying to use ARE available on Youtube if I go to YouTube.

    Please help.

  • @cbbeards I am getting the same thing

  • @tomrapanotti I thought the recent update to the Spark was supposed to fix that problem. I wonder if there's simply a problem with PG's servers trying to do the analysis. I also wonder if Youtube is purposefully working to prevent PG from using their videos, so once PG figures out a workaround, Youtube comes up with a new way to block them. But that's just conjecture on my part.

  • I've also been getting this error. It worked for the first week I had the Spark ,and now I get the error message on almost all YouTube videos that pop up in the search. Can't tell if it's a licensing issue or something else. But it would be nice to have this resolved since it is definitely one of the unique features of this amp that made me want to get it.