Which software BIAS FX 2 or AMP 2?

  • Hi there

    I'm new to this type of software and wondering what the differences are between the BIAS FX2 and AMP2.

    Having seen a couple of videos on YouTube it seems the AMP2 is an excellent choice as you can feed in a guitar tone from a recording and get a near match to the tone.

    I have a Focusrite 2i2 and hoping that coupled with my guitar I'm going to have a nice portable rig.

    Lastly, when you download the software do you get both the standalone and the VST bundled together?

    Appreciate it!

  • First the easy answer - yes you get both standalone and VST in the download for Amp and FX2.

    Which one to buy - Bias Amp is just amps - and the ability to tweak the amp at component level and create your own. FX2 adds a load of effects to be able to use with the amps provided depending on what tier you buy.

    I would say buy FX2 Pro.... you'll have a great mix of amps and a load of FX too...

    Just my view

  • @redspecial62 thank you for your response.

    What attracted me to the AMP 2 was the ability to feed in a guitar amp sound and then model it after that.

    From what I've seen that isn't present in the FX2 or have I missed something?

  • @jjgumbroski I have both, fx2 has alot of options and tons of amps and settings depending if standard, pro or elite. Bias amp is great also but it's more detailed into tweaking settings and trying to get that tube sound ect. I like both but FX2 is what I enjoy more but both are very nice to have since thousands of different sounds and amps. When in doubt buy both lol.

  • If you can swing it, purchase them both - they are really designed to go together for the best overall shaping of "your" tone, as well as emulating the tone of other players. If you have to make a choice between the two, FX2 is the only option - all the tones, sounds, effects, etc - just no ability to work with internal amp tone shaping etc.

    I think about it like this - if I went to a great live show with my buddies, had dinner before, the show, drinks during, and drinks then Uber home - you just covered the cost of BOTH pieces of software.

    Just my opinion

  • Depends on what you want to use them for my guy.

    -Tons of tonematches are available on BIAS FX 2 to start off with and they sound great. Plus, you can get all the effects that come with whichever version you purchase.
    -If you REALLY want to tonematch for your own guitar, and get into the detailed aspects of amp-building (virtually), then AMP would work perfect for that.

    You do get both standalone and VST when you purchase them. My thoughts, if you can get the money for them, buy them both, or get the expansion packs for the IR's. I particularly enjoy them immensely.

  • I hope you didn't make a choice right away, due to the sale! I had the same dilemma as you, but as I only just started looking into it the sale came and I got the bundle that had FX/AMP Pro in together with 3 other expansions for just over £150.

    I've spent this evening playing with both, and they are both awesome but together the possibilities are endless tbh. I enjoyed the out the box tones on FX (oh my gosh the Pantera cowboys one is spot on lol) more, but once I started playing with the amp I had a custom one put together in no time. If you can only get one I think I'd recommend FX first and then amp later.

    I had a scary first hour with it as I was getting a second delay on playback, but it turned out to be the driver type I was using.