Studio One 5

  • Hello everyone less than a month ago I bought the amp spark and I am discovering all its functions, but I think the one that is giving me problems the most is when I use it as an audio interface to record my guitar, I downloaded Studio one and I do everything right to connect my guitar correctly, I followed tutorials on youtube etc but my guitar is heard very low when I hear what I have recorded. Has anyone had the same problem?

  • @andres90-10 Yes. I have the very same issue with pretty much every DAW I tried. The signal level through USB is awfully low, especially with clean tones... But I didn't find a great difference with distorted ones.

  • Have you checked to ensure your Spark has the latest firmware installed?

    That said, it was updated in June so units released after that should have had the new firmware by default - this is pg we're talking about though!