Spark smells really bad

  • I read other people experience the same and say is the glues used to attach the vinyl. I think is formaldehyde and other stuff. I don’t even have the amp in my room and it was already starting to affect my allergy where I can sense a difference, eyes a bit watery, sniffing a little more. I bought a Chinese made amp before with no issue. I’m going to give it a few weeks. I’m not worried about not being able to return as I have the amp and bag, can always sell it on ebay or reverb and get all my money back.

    I like the tone of the amp, but I only played it once for 2 hours and I could already feel a difference in my allergy when I did. I put in a storage room, not here. I can't even leave it outside as I live in an apartment.

    I kinda had a feeling it was going to smell but this is pretty strong

  • @orlandochirinos You should contact PG directly through the "Contact Support" link at the top of this page -- if your amp smells so badly it's affecting your allergies, they should replace it for you free of charge. It's worth a try -- my wife has bad allergies and she's never had a problem being around my Spark amp, and I've never noticed a strong odor from it. Don't give up!

  • Mine was the same way when I got it several months ago. It mostly faded, but I still smell it every now and then, especially if I get right up on it. I sprayed a rag with Fabreeze and whipped it down when I first got it, which seemed to help a little bit. Hard to tell though. The nose has a way of adjusting to smells after a while.