Bias FX though Spark Amp

  • I know it is not exactly the correct way to use the Spark Amp but you can use it via USB to connect your guitar to a PC with the output through the music/headphone circuit using the Bias software and a DAW for recording.
    It is not perfect and has a few quality issues but passable. Issues are I think because it is using the signal after conditioning and amplification.
    I will eventually get an audio interface but that is for later.
    Positive Grid you are possibly missing an opportunity here to sell more Bias software.
    With all the Spark users out there how many would want to eventually move to using Bias software as I have just done?
    Just imagine if they could readily use the Spark amp to transition or just be happy with the improved tonal range and signal processing they would get etc.
    All it would need is to be able to tap off the flat guitar signal form the Spark input pre- amp to the USB output.
    Obviously you cannot add a mechanical switch to the amp at this point but I am sure it could be done via a Spark app setting and modified amp Firmware.

  • Did you try flicking the amp up in the app? Turns off the amp model and sends a flat signal out. Do the same with all the pedals if still colouring the sound.

  • @gdoc
    Yes I guesed that and tried it. It does work. Only problem is that the Spark amp generates a fair bit of noise. So have to turn the input down on the BFX expecially with high gain tones.
    Thanks for your reply, great minds must think alike.