Out-of-tune usb interface - Spark Amp

  • Hello!
    I am having such a strange issue with my new Spark.
    I connected it to Windows 10, same as I used to record my VOX ADIO Air GT without problems

    The thing is that, both input and output audio that go through USB are modulating slightly the pitch, only a few cents, every 1,5 secs more or less.

    It is like an oscillating quite soft vibrato, but it makes impossible the recording. I have checked it with the in-built Ableton Live 10 tuner, and the pitch is shifting.

    Is anyone facing the same issue???

    I think it can be related to power supply, but I am not sure.

    I love how the amp sounds, but I am pretty disappointed in everything else. My VOX is a lot more powerful in terms of connectivity and plug and play.

  • @alegarcia46-0 Are you certain that you don't have a very slow tremelo effect working? Have you turned off all effects and made sure that the amp model you're using doesn't have any effect built into it?

  • Yes, of course I am sure! The funny thing is that this happens un both directions: if you play a midi note from pc to the spark, it is also going out of tune.

    Emailed the support and sent a couple of videos.

  • @alegarcia46-0 This may be something worth checking. I know others have mentioned the out of tune issue but I don't know if anyone has posted a solution.

    Are you using the spark asio driver and if so is it defaulting to 48KHz in Ableton?

    If you are opening an existing live project which was recorded at a different sample rate it will override the setting that's in your preferences.

    Not specific to spark but sample rate can affect pitch afaik.

  • @alegarcia46-0 same here, already posted about it months ago and no answer from pg so far. My guess is there is a bad clock sync between the host and spark.
    Basically unusable for recording.

  • @remi-delmas-3000 Does the problem exist when using Asio4All instead of the PG Spark Asio driver?

  • @dhbailey I have not tested it yet. PG replied my ticket, but the response was something like "we are going to work on it"
    I will run some tests about the sample rate and ASIO and will come back here.
    I know that PG were overloaded months ago, but now they don't have reasons to leave such important issues as they are.
    I am going to test another power supply as well

  • I gave up on the interface. The output was extremely low on mine. I messaged PG and ordered a mic at the same time.

    The mic showed up in the mail before they responded. When they did respond....they actually have the nerve to ask me to make another video!

    Been waiting on the new supply for months with tons of empty promises. I'm not making another video. I'll just use the mic for recording and get my own supply.

  • Same problem. In both PreSonus and Cubase. So not DAW specific. Has to be their ASIO driver. Pitch wanders on guitar signal and midi signal in PreSonus. In Cubase I cannot get an output from the guitar. Very annoying. I didn't want to have to learn s whole new DAW. But if it would work without that weird pitch modulation properly I would convert over to PreSonus. I have tried all combinations of buffer packet size. I have changed the song properties to 48hz. No improvement. I will try ASIO4ALL driver tomorrow and report back. But yeah I'm very disappointed in the Audio Interface functionality. I think best solution might be to mic it up and record it as straight audio input in Cubase, play it back through my Bose pc speakers. Anyone had any luck with Cubase? Or with a different driver in PreSonus?

  • I opened a ticket with PG and asked them if they thought a Firmware Update was likely to fix the issue. And when that update might be. Here's what I got back. It's not very promising. In actual fact I don't really understand what the tech actually meant. But no sign of an Update anytime soon 🙁
    Here's a quote from the email:

    Thank you for your kind response.

    I do not want to provide false expectations. Regarding the next update of the Spark App Firmware, we do not have any update if this would be included in the fixes they would include to the new firmware update.