Help recreating a tone

  • I'm new to electric guitar and creating tones, could anyone help me recreate the tone used in Come and Go by Juice wrld.

  • @jonasfriesen1 There's a group on Facebook called "Spark Amp Tone Shack" where the focus is on the creation and sharing of tones. You might consider joining that group. Things to keep in mind as you try to recreate the tone are that not only the settings of various pedals and amplifier types important, but also the specific model of guitar and the pickups included. For example, a Telecaster-style electric with the original single-coil pickups will sound different from the same model guitar with humbucker pickups installed. And even different model single-coil pickups from different makers will sound different. So if the guitar sound you're looking for was played originally say on a Strat-style guitar with three humbuckers, using all 3 humbuckers, and you only have a hollow-body electric guitar with 1 single-coil pickup at the base of the fingerboard your guitar will never sound the same as the recording. Other things to keep in mind are the ears of the listener -- someone could hear that recording and if their ears are shot from playing too many years with their amps full volume they may not hear the higher overtones that a younger person with undamaged hearing might hear, so their attempts to match that tone won't necessarily give you what you're looking for.

    But that's part of the magic of the Spark amp -- you can experiment to your heart's content and playing around with all the included pedals and amp models won't cost you anything extra.