What does the 'Amp Type' selector knob's button do?

  • On the Spark amp, you can obviously select the amp type by twisting the knob (Clean, Hi-Gain, Crunch, etc). But that knob is also a button that you can press/tap. Nothing in the Spark User Manual mentions this. Anyone know what it's used for?

  • Wow, it is a button. Had my amp for months and never noticed that. The rest of the dials do not have the secondary button press function. Interesting.

  • @cbrandst someone on reddit mentioned it, so I've joined in the cause to find more info. They said there was a YouTube channel creator that mentioned what it does when Positive Grid was sending out the demo units to online influencers, but can't find the original video that talks about it.

  • @pmwalker1990 I'm guessing that since those button are software driven, they could make it do anything they wanted to, including nothing with the intention of maybe doing something in the future. There are so many Youtube videos of the amp, that might take a while to find. Although I tend to think it's not a huge feature or it would be more well known.

  • @cbrandst I just checked and all I can do is to push it ever so slightly, which I think is more a factor of it being a rotating switch with 7 notches, and not really a pushable switch. It's just the way it's constructed. All the other knobs are smoothly rotating potentiometers, not physical switches, so they would be built differently.

  • @dhbailey Buzz kill. :) Was hoping for some hidden feature or awesomeness.

  • Mine does not depress at all. Only clicky turny