I cannot be the only one having this problem with MAC and Reason 10 or 11??

  • Hey guys,

    Actually, I only saw one post from 3 months ago from someone having the same problem and I cannot find anything on Google about this problem. Strange enough, both my nephew and I have the same problem on 2 different MAC computers and Reason versions! Basically, in the Reason DAW (ver 10 and 11), I cannot see an input on the Spark 40 in Preferences, therefore no sound going into Reason. Outputs are fine. Why??? Anyone else having this problem?? The strange thing is it is working fine in Garageband. What's happening?? Sorry, I'm a little frustrated right now! Please help! Thanks guys!

  • @jacques-lebreton You should also ask this question of the tech support people at Reason -- if it works find in GarageBand then obviously the amp is sending the proper data to the Mac. If Reason can't see what Garageband sees, it's most likely a Reason problem, not a Spark40 problem. One thought comes to mind -- how recently have you re-booted the Macs. I wonder if that might help. I'm not a Mac user so I can't offer concrete advice, but I do know that often in the past on the Finale notation software independent users group online when a Mac user was having a problem they were told to "trash the preferences" for Finale and then restart the program. That usually solved the problem. I wonder if Reason might have a preferences file which you might consider trashing and then restarting Reason to see if that might solve the problem. Only do that if you think it's a safe thing to do because as I say I'm not a Mac user so I'm not speaking from personal experience.

  • HI dhbailey,

    Thank you for your reply. It's true that it is probably a Reason problem. I just find it strange that no one is talking about it on the web, yet we are 2 different people having the same problem. I will contact them. Thanks!

  • I have similar issues with Reason on PC. In my case though, in Options, the Spark ASIO driver is listed but when selected just comes back with a RED X. I have had other problems with Cubase (no input) and PreSonus (I have an input but the sound is awfull). Also when just using MIDI, in both PreSonus and Cubase, there's a weird pitch variation on every note. Basically the Audio Interface function for me personally has been really disappointing.