Conclusion... crap

  • I have been using BIAS FX2 for a few months now and I am still struggling to achieve a decent low-noise, high-gain lead tone with plenty of sustain. There is so much excess noise and crackle that I have no choice except to introduce a noise gate into the mix and even with the threshold set to its lowest dial, notes regularly cut out and lose attack regardless of whether I play fast-picked passages or slower, more sustained phrases. It's not just my own bespoke set-ups which suffer from this malaise but also a lot of the truly awful-sounding and ridiculously titled presets that come ready-made with the product. I have gone back to playing through my practice modelling amp and have come to the conclusion that BIAS FX2 is simply an expensive pile of horse manure. If you feel this is an unfair judgement then please could you point me towards a setup on BIAS FX2 which manages to find a happy balance and produces a great lead tone?

  • @bevan-geraint first can I ask what kind of guitar are you using? Reason I asked is because I have two guitars that are in the range of 900 and 1200 and one guitar that is about 200 to 300 bucks and yes it sounds like crap using the 200 dollar guitar on bias fx2, I've noticed alot of hum and background noise. When I plugged in my expensive guitars in, it was completely opposite and sounds incredible for high gain monster guitar tones and leads with no hums or any back ground noise.