Sound coming from one speaker only

  • Received the Spark the other day. Sounds great on headphones but the sounds is very think (not bass heavy as I expected) and sound only comes out of the right side of the unit. I have an email in to support as I would like a replacement send to me. Has anyone else had this issue?

  • @cmrod25 Have not had the issue, but I replaced the speakers in mine trying to get rid of some of the boomy audio. The front grill is only held on with velcro and the speakers have 4 phillips screws holding them in place. I'd just remove the speaker and see if the plug in connectors were both attached properly. Maybe one of them shook loose in transit.

  • @cbrandst did replacing the speakers help? If so, what type of speakers did you put in?

  • I put in 2 of these:

    I want to say it helped but it's difficult to do an A/B comparison without either a side by side test or a good mic and I'm not set up for either. I also added speaker batting internally. And I noticed if you are playing through the PC, when it first plays the sound is distorted, but if you pause the audio for 30 seconds or so the distortion goes away. I still think there's a firmware bug they haven't fixed yet.