Guitar signal clipping

  • guitar to a active DI box, from di to focusrite itrack solo. Bias fx 2 as standalone works perfectly fine but when I'm using as plug-in on reaper my guitar signal clipping. Help please.

  • A2

    REAPER's meter if the track is armed will be showing your interface's input level. Are you saying you are seeing clipping there? Some of the Focusrite I/O's dont have much headroom

  • Yeah in reaper's meter it's showing red. And it's armed. Guitar signal always stays red.

  • @shuvoamaresh89

    Not sure if it's the case here, but if it's buffer "static", I've found in the past that with some devices, I've had to set the buffer size one level higher for a plugin version vs. a standalone version. It's usually the same behavior with different programs (BIAS-FX & S-GEAR), but only occurs with certain devices. For instance, my MOTU M2 works fine with the same sample size for both plugin and standalone, but my PreSonus Audiobox USB96 required a higher setting for the plugin version than the standalone version.

    For example -- my sound would work fine with "128" buffer size when using the standalone version, but would need to use "256" with the plugin version in a DAW, otherwise I'd get occasional clicks/pops with "128".

  • A2

    Weird that it would be ok in standalone. REAPER cant add gain to the input meter