New All Access Bundle

  • Hi.

    I have bought both the desktop and mobile versions of bias fx 2 elite in the past. I try to understand what the new "all access bundle" is supposed to be. Since I am still charged for an "upgrade", I'd like to understand what the new features are. I don't get it.

    Can somebody enlighten me? Thanks.

  • @andreas-brandl

    I don't think there are any new features -- I think it's just a bundle of the two existing products. If you already have the two, then you probably just ignore it.

    They have other overlapping purchase options with different pricings that can sometimes be bad or good if you aren't paying attention. For instance, I have BIAS-FX2 Elite, but not BIAS-AMP2, and when I go to the PG promo website, I can either add BIAS-AMP2 Elite for US$167 (vs. US$179 without already owning BIAS-FX2) or upgrade to the BIAS-FX2/BIAS-AMP2 "Combo" for US$155. Either way, I end-up with exactly the same thing (BIAS-FX2 & BIAS-AMP2), but can pay $12 more if not paying attention.

    And for this All Access bundle, they appear to only apply my already-purchased BIAS-FX2 Elite desktop discount to the Elite tier of the bundle, and not to Standard/Pro, so I end-up with wacky pricing like this:
    0_1602877860367_2020-10-16 (1).png

  • @blueingreen I have the same pricing as you. I already own FX2 Elite for desktop, so for $53 we would get FX2 Elite for Mobile? That's actually a better price than buying FX2 Elite for Mobile separately.


  • @myxolydian

    Yeah -- it's a good deal for those of us who don't yet own the mobile version. But for people who already own both desktop and mobile separately like @andreas-brandl, I don't think it adds anything from what I can tell.

    Although it doesn't really do anything for me currently, since I own an Android phone (and an Android-based Amazon Fire HD), and they still only make the mobile version for IOS.

  • Thanks for the response, that is basically what i thought, too. Although my hope was that it might include a sync option for patches/presets between desktop and mobile - without manually up- und downloading via tonecloud...


  • @andreas-brandl

    That was actually a question I had. I thought that the desktop presets and mobile presets had separate formats with separate ToneClouds? When I saw the sync stuff, I wasn't sure if that was new or if it was always the case, and I was just misremembering. Or does sync use something different from ToneCloud?

    Maybe it is a feature you already have with a recent update? The only other thing I can think of is to check your licenses in your account's "Download" page, and see if there are any extra "expansion" packs or something new related to syncing:

  • Hi

    I can definitely upload presets on desktop and download on mobile. But I also remember the "separate formats" issue. Probably back in the mobile FX (1) days. However, don't understand why there is no auto-sync option. Shouldn't be a big deal. The manual process is so annoying that I never do it....

  • What is the process to sync presents between the ipad and desktop version? ( I have Macbook OS Elite and iPad mobile Elite). Is it all through the tone cloud where you upload or like each patch and push them up/down individually or is there a better way to sync the entire preset collection including the bank folder structure? The ipad appears to have a dropbox option to back up presets but I don't see a way to pull it back down on the desktop.

  • I had a bit of success yesterday with preset transfers. I backed up my iPad presets to dropbox using the feature that's integrated into the Bias FX2 mobile app. Then I opened up FX2 on my iPhone and was able to restore all the presets including the folder structure on the iPhone. So clearly there is a easy way to transfer presets between iPad and iPhone. I just don't see a way to move presets from the iPad to Macbook OS version. Has anyone attempted to do this?

    It would be nice if the desktop version could do a full transfer without going preset by preset through the Tonecloud. The iPad pro is a nice user friendly way to tweak presets with the touch screen so I'd like to work out my sounds there and then bounce them over to the desktop for recording in Logic etc.