ToneCloud search/categorization improvement idea

  • Not to beat a dead horse, but some obvious changes that we need to see to improve ToneCloud for Spark owners:

    • 18 character title limit has to go. If it's a tone preset for a specific song, I can't even fit the song title within the limit, let alone any other details.
    • More fields/details that will make search way more useful. Song title, artist name, genre, album, guitar used, notes, etc.

    I mentioned that the inability to delete a tone preset has created a lot of junk within the ToneCloud library, and someone responded that you shouldn't be able to delete a tone, because what if someone else downloaded it? Would they also lose it?

    So, I think Positive Grid needs to treat ToneCloud as a "version control" tool for presets. Idea: You can download a preset, and if the owner of the preset tweaks it a bit after its already published, they can leave a note that says "added more gain" or "adjusted blah blah". The tone would have an indicator notification icon on your screen that says something like "This tone has been updated by the owner. Do you wish to update your tone?" and you can preview it, update it, or disregard and keep the old one. So, rather than having 10 garbage presets all with the same title and creator in the ToneCloud library, it is condensed to a single tone while still giving the users the ability to keep older "versions" of the tone.