Sound cuts out every few minutes using irig stomp i/o and bias fx2

  • I've tried changing the buffer size and the sample rate, but every few minutes the sound will just cut out completely then come right back a second later. Makes the whole thing completely useless. It's driving me insane.

  • I use both as well. The experience is not great. Not sure if it is a bias fx issue or a stomp i/o. I use both with iRig HD2, and have no issues.

  • @pauldruck

    Not sure which buffer settings you've already tried, but a usual good starting point is 44.1k for sample rate and 512 for size. Are you using the standalone app or DAW plugin? If the DAW plugin, does it also happen with the standalone app?

    Another thing to check is whether something else is trying to use the audio device, like OS sound effects. So, if not already doing it, try it with the OS default audio device going to something else, like the computer's built-in speakers. Or even if using another device for the OS, try disabling OS sound effects. The only other thing I can think of is a flaky cable (either guitar cable or USB cable).