Using Spark Guitar Amp with 2020 Macbook Pro

  • Has anyone used the Spark Guitar Amp with a MacBook Pro rather than an iPad? When I look at compatible devices, it only shows variations of iPads and iPhones.
    I have a 2020 MacBook Pro 13.3.

  • @thepurplepeace

    There is no desktop software (ie, MacOS or Windows) for controlling the Spark, if that's what you're asking. You control the Spark via mobile app (ie, IOS or Android), not your desktop computer.

    You can connect the Spark to your Mac (or PC) via USB if you want to do things like record your guitar inside DAW software. You can also connect it to your Mac (or PC) via either USB or Bluetooth to play music from your computer through the Spark, essentially using it as a regular speaker for your computer. But there is no desktop software for controlling the Spark -- you must use either an iPhone/iPad or an Android device to control it.

  • I am currently using it with an Mac Mini M1. It interfaces with garage band as an input or output.

    Unfortunately, I cannot download the ipad/iphone app on to MacOs M1 ARM like I was hoping for. The spark software opted out of universal, and is only for mobile. But it hooks up to MacOs just fine as a speaker or amp.