My first (and hopefully last!) accident with my Spark...

  • For the last few months, I have been having a blast with my new Spark and new Haze Jazzmaster using a Joyo wireless system. A few days ago, I noticed the Spark's tone was breaking up at times and slowly getting worse. I tried all sorts of different settings, but it still had the problem when I finally found it was the rechargeable batteries in the Joyo receiver. So, I just plugged in a chord and continued playing. During today's session, I got up with the guitar still strapped on and walked across the room to turn on a light. My Spark sits on a forward slanted table about two feet off a tile floor which works great as I can see and work the controls much easier. As soon as I felt the forgotten cable tighten, I stopped but too late and It hit the floor with a bang. After checking for any physical damage, it still worked perfectly, so it seems to be pretty well built. Phew!!

  • @xbfoz That's a great cautionary tale for those of us who use a wireless system most of the time, for those occasions when we do need to use a cable, we have to remember we're physically attached to the amp.

    Thanks for sharing your story with us -- and I'm very happy that your amp didn't suffer any damage!