Why album list under "Apple Music" mode half of my collection?

  • So I'm loving my new Spark amp and the interface on my iPad is great. I was looking to have the chords for a few of my favourite songs worked out by the Spark app using "Apple Music" mode, which apparently accesses all the music in your iTunes/Apple Music app on your device. So I select "Apple Music" and it shows a list of albums and I scroll down but it ends at albums starting with the letter "L". Doesn't go any further. So what happens when I want to play a song from the album "Pennywise". I can't get to it. Anyone have this issue? And no, opting to use Spotify instead is not a solution.

    Is there a maximum album limit in the Spark App? If so can you developers remove it please!


  • @shanegriffiths75 No, the Spark app does NOT claim to access all the music in the itunes/Apple music app on your device. It only claims to access the Apple music you have purchased from Apple. Any other mp3 files (which is most of my mp3 library) that you may have loaded onto the Music app on your iDevice is NOT accessible by the Spark app. But if you use an external app like AnyTune alongside the Spark app, you can access all the tunes on your iDevice.

  • @dhbailey thanks for the reply but what you have said has to be completely incorrect. Zero of the songs in my Apple Music / iTunes have been purchased. They have all been ripped from CDs or downloaded from non-Apple sites using download codes included with vinyl records. Every album I have in iTunes up to the letter “L” shows up in Spark app, but nothing after that. There has to be some maximum number of albums that the app allows to be visible. Ridiculous, you can only play songs from albums up to “L”. I wanted to play “New Maps of Hell” by Bad Religion, so I changed the title to “A New Maps of Hell” and there it is at the top of the Spark list. So are they expecting people to change the titles of albums to get it to the top of the list when required? Freakin stupid.

  • @shanegriffiths75 Wow -- you're absolutely correct! I guess the most recent update to the app changed things. I was remembering what I saw or didn't see trying to access my Apple music when I first got the amp and used the app. Just checking things now I see that my list won't go past the entry for "Miscellaneous Songs" on my iPhone. So I won't be able to access the rest of the alphabet -- bummer! But I thank you for pointing out that I was mistaken!

  • Yeah it totally sucks right?! Spark PLEASE fix this!

  • @shanegriffiths75 But even for the songs that are listed, it still tries to find them on youtube for analysis -- I don't want analysis, I just want to be able to play MY backing tracks when I want. The only way to do that currently in the Spark app is to go to the "video record yourself" page and then you can play any track on your device without chordal analysis and without actually recording yourself. If they can enable that access through that convoluted method, they can certainly make it much easier for us to use our own backing tracks without chordal analysis (a simply yes/no checkbox "Do you want to see the chords?" and actually play OUR tracks, not some wannabe other thing from youtube.